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Steel Reinforcement and Dowel Bars

Steel Reinforcement / Reinforcing Mesh

Square MeshSL62, SL72, SL82, SL92, SL102
Trench MeshF11 3 Bar, F11 4 Bar, F12 3 Bar, F12 4 Bar, F8 3 Bar, F8 4 Bar, F8 5 Bar
Prefab footing cagesMade to order

Steel Reinforcement / Reinforcing Bar

Deformed BarStock Lengths – 12, 16, 20 (all sizes available)
Deformed BarProcessed
Plain Reinforcing Round BarStock (all sizes available)
Plain Reinforcing Round BarProcessed
LigaturesMade to order – All stock sizes in stock
Starter Bars and Corner BarsY12 1mx200mm or Y16 1mx200mm Starter Bars. Y12 600×600 or Y16 600×600 Corner Bars

Dowel Bars / Various Dowel Products

Round DowelsBlack & Galvanised
Dowel CapsAll sizes
PolyfilmPolythene Building Film 50 x4m x 200um, 50 x2m x 200um,will sell by the metre
Duct TapeSilver, by the roll
Tie WireBy the roll

Steel Reinforcement / Reinforcing Accessories

Plastic Bar Chairs25/40, 50/65, 75/90 and all sizes available
Expansion JointStickyback Expansion Joint

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