5 Benefits of Using Steel Reinforcing Mesh

Using plain concrete for construction projects isn’t advisable as the material on its own can’t withstand the stress that winds, earthquakes or vibrations place on it, highlighting the need for steel mesh. When you opt for mesh reinforcement, you can expect to enjoy these benefits.

Improve Quality
When you use steel mesh for your construction project, you immediately improve the quality since the materials come from a factory that pays strict attention to the standards of the end product. The automatic production line controls the grid size and rebar specifications, as well as the elasticity of the mesh. The spacing is uniform and accurate with a high welding point strength which significantly enhances the quality of your project.

Increase Resistance
Adding steel mesh to the concrete improves its seismic and crack resistance. The longitudinal and transverse bars combine to form a network that is excellent for adhesion and anchorage to concrete and helps distribute the load evenly. As a result, the mesh enhances the rigidity, making your structure more resistant to external components. Tests have demonstrated that laying steel mesh for road construction decreases the possibility of cracks occurring by 75 percent compared to artificial netting.

Save Time & Complete Projects Sooner
Including steel mesh in your construction project can help speed up the process. If you lay the reinforcements correctly, you can immediately start pouring in the concrete while eradicating the need for cutting the mesh on site. When you consider the number of hours you need to put in on a project, using mesh reinforcements can reduce this by 50 to 70 percent, meaning you can complete the task faster.

Control & Improve Quality of Concrete Engineering
Since steel mesh is regular and larger than a hand-stitched option, it won’t bend or deform when you pour the concrete. As a result, you can control the thickness of the concrete layer, which also aids in improving the quality of the concrete engineering.

Extend the life of your structure
Using steel as the primary material for the mesh means you won’t have to worry about placing the structure near moisture since it’s corrosive resistant. It will aid in the long term performance and extend the life of your structure. Furthermore, there is little to no maintenance to enjoy the benefits of the steel mesh.

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